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VENDO UGC Outperforms Branded Creative by 2x ROAS and CTR


ROAS Compared to Branded Creative



CTR Compared to Branded Creative



A brand in the health and personal care space were not seeing the performance they wanted from their branded glossy creative on Amazon. VENDO’s UGC lead and the Amazon advertising department worked together to create and test a variety of content styles based on key messaging and the product’s unique selling points.


  • VENDO’s UGC lead coordinated with the copy and creative team to illustrate the key product differentiators during post-production edits.
  • VENDO created several creator profiles based on the brand’s customer personas to source relevant creators.
  • VENDO conducted research, provided creative direction, and managed edits with the creators to align with the brand’s vision.
  • VENDO’s Amazon advertising team utilized Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) targeting campaigns to align the differentiators with an Amazon-focused approach.
  • Conclusion

    VENDO’s UGC outperformed the branded creative on Amazon allowing the brand to test additional UGC content across several products. Subsequently, this helped the brand scale further on Amazon.
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