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Sales increased 594%

ROAS increased 1644%


increase in conversions



A brand within the grocery category on began running ads via the Pacvue advertising platform. VENDO has a partnership with Pacvue that allows us to gain more granular insights into our advertising campaigns than what is offered on Walmart’s self-service platform. This brand was previously working with another ad agency and was not happy with its performance. We began running their ads in April of 2021. This case study is analyzing the ads ran by VENDO over 5 weeks in comparison to the 5 weeks the other agency was running. 


  • Auto and Manual targeting, focusing more on nonbranded targeting.
  • Bid Multipliers put in place for top performing ad placements on site.
  • No manual branded targeting since our competitors are not targeting our branded search terms.
  • Targeting based on item type/size/flavor, etc.


As performance increased, the brand increased spend with us. From a 39% increase in spend:

  • Sales increased 594% (5x more than previous sales)
  • ROAS increased 1644%, $9.57 average
  • 175% increase in conversions
  • +281,375 impressions
  • +5,959 clicks
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