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Walmart Marketplace for Sellers 101 – VENDO Podcast Ep 82

Walmart Marketplace is rivaling Amazon as the second most popular online marketplace 🏆. Much like Amazon, this top tier platform allows you to control your inventory, content, and orders more independently, AND you’ll gain access to millions of buyers shopping on already 🛒🛍.

Today, Yoji and Mark are talking shop about the nuts and bolts of this incredibly lucrative sales channel 💰. Venturing into Walmart Marketplace can be overwhelming for brand owners, so partnering with VENDO can give you a leg up on the competition. We’ll give you a roadmap of ideas and execute them for you so you can build your customer base and skyrocket your sales 💥🚀.

Topics include:
– What is Walmart Marketplace? (00:02:16)
– How do I get approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace? (00:04:30)
– What is the fee structure to sell on Walmart Marketplace? (00:06:17)
– How do I handle imports for Walmart Marketplace? (00:07:10)
– How do I partner with VENDO to manage how I sell on Walmart Marketplace? (00:08:04)
– Anything else I should know about selling on Walmart Marketplace? (00:12:12)

– Yoji Cole, Business Development Director, VENDO
– Mark Jordan, Marketplace Growth Strategist, VENDO





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