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Advertising Strategies Across Retail Marketplaces – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 129

Join the VENDO team as we cover Amazon Ads updates for 2024! We will be discussing vertical video options, Amazon video posts, international brand tailored promos and more!

Topics Covered:
– Different Strategies for different Marketplaces (2:15)
– Diversifying Ad Spend Depending on Ad Capabilities (5:00)
– Factoring Walmart In-Store Ad Spend (8:00)
– Walmart DSP: How and Where Ads Will Serve (9:25)
– Paid Search & Social on Amazon (10:52)
– Importance of Creatives within Advertising (15:53)
– Creative AI on Amazon (18:37)
– Walmart AI Search: Grouping Search Terms (19:30)

– Gefen Laredo, Vice President of Advertising, VENDO
– Delaney Del Mundo, Director of Amazon Account Strategy, VENDO





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