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Amazon Featured Offer (F.K.A Buy Box) & Subscribe ‘N Save Nuances – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 134

Looking to learn more about Amazon Featured Offer & Subscribe ‘N Save? Tune in to our latest VENDO Velocity Podcast episode where we break down strategies to win the Buy Box, elaborate on the Subscription Model, and discuss synergies between Featured Offer and SnS.

Topics Covered:
– What is Featured Offer (F.K.A. Buy Box)? (1:57)
– How Does Amazon Determine Featured Offer? (3:00)
– Key FBM Metrics That Sellers Need To Be Aware Of (6:19)
– Shipping Time and Price Strategies (9:32)
– Losing the Featured Offer – What Does it Mean and What is the Impact? (13:20)
– Synergies Between Featured Offer and SnS (16:20)
– Amazon Fee Updates (20:31)
– Coupons – New Pricing Updates (21:18)
– Preparing for Prime Day (24:20)

– Russell Hsu, Lead Data Manager, VENDO
– Philip Hwang, Data Analyst, VENDO
– Delaney Del Mundo, Director of Amazon Account Strategy, VENDO





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