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Amazon Supply Chain Updates – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 133

Are you up-to-date with Amazon’s latest Supply Chain updates? Check out our latest podcast episode where the VENDO team will be discussing FBA fee changes, inventory placement fees, multi-channel fulfillment, and inventory strategy.

Topics Covered:
– Amazon FBA Inbound Placement Service Fees (1:25)
– Premium vs Discounted Service (2:57)
– How Does Amazon Determine Fees (3:58)
– How Should Brands Strategize their Shipments? (7:48)
– Inbound Defect Fees (10:42)
– Low Inventory Placement Fee (12:53)
– How Low Inventory Fees are Calculated (16:30)
– VENDO’s Game Plan with Inventory Updates (19:55)
– Amazon’s Multichannel Fulfillment(MCF) (24:10)

– Laarni Lorenzo, Supply Chain Lead Manager, VENDO
– Delaney Del Mundo, Director of Amazon Account Strategy, VENDO





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