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Amazon & Walmart: Black Friday Cyber Monday Recap – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 125

The biggest weekend in e-commerce has concluded! Join the VENDO team as we recap this year’s Black Friday Cyber Monday. We will cover both Amazon & Walmart from a deals standpoint, badging & premium placement, key learnings, and December strategies.

Topics Covered:
– Cyber Weekend Performance Recap (2:09)
– Deal Structure (3:15)
– Amazon Deal Structure (5:25)
– Walmart Sellers Had Highest Selling Days Ever During BF/CM (8:10)
– Walmart’s Marketing Tactics (11:57)
– Amazon Sales Totaled $9.8 Billion Dollars (15:08)
– Amazon Marketing Tactics (18:50) – Mitigating Returns (21:37)
– Amazon Learnings (24:15)
– Walmart Strategies to Hedge Against Price Matching (25:15)
– The Importance of BF/CM Deal Badges (27:15)
– Amazon Reporting (28:25) – WFS: Inventory Storage Strategies (29:35)
– Tips for Sellers Managing Campaigns Before & After BF/CM (31:25)

– Michael Smith, VP of Walmart Omnichannel, VENDO
– Delaney Del Mundo, Lead Amazon Account Manager, VENDO





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