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Episode 24 – Maximize Advertising with Pacvue Software

A lot of you might be thinking—MORE software?! 🙀 ⁉️ Why do I need more than what’s already provided to me as a seller?! Well, what if we told you Pacvue allows you for better, more EFFICIENT advertising than the platform itself?

Gefen and Michelle show you how to track where your ad dollars are going and get more fulfilling consumer data using PACVUE. 🏈🏆

Pacvue is an algorithm optimizing software designed to improve eCommerce ad campaigns with holistic performance data and automation. 🤖💰 Save money AND TIME! ⏱

Topics include:
• What is Pacvue and how to navigate it 💻
• Building brand awareness 👁‼️
• Gaining a competitive advantage by dominating shelves
• How to leverage your performance data 📊
• Optimizing your ad frequency with your investments 💳💸
• Integrating everything into the WPA platform

– Gefen Laredo, Amazon Media Buying Manager, VENDO
– Michelle Long, Walmart Marketing Strategist, VENDO

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