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How Lumineux has sold over 100M+ on Amazon – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 120

Join us as we speak to Justin Maddahi, Chief Marketing Officer of Lumineux, a dentist-formulated and certified nontoxic oral care brand, and one of the biggest disruptors in the oral care category. As one of VENDO’s oldest clients, we are Lumineux’s Amazon specialists. Tune in as we break down Lumineux’s evolution on Amazon, their Ad strategy, how they are turning their online success to offline sales, and more!

Topics Covered:
– All About Lumineux (1:46)
– Evolution of Lumineux on Amazon (8:00)
– Ad Strategy on Amazon (10:45)
– Lumineux Online Success to Offline Sales(18:15)
– What’s Next for Lumineux (22:05)
– Justin’s Lessons Learned (24:00)

Amazon Lumineux Case Studies:
Share of Voice Package Strategy Helps Boost Brand’s Sales on Prime Day:…

A Pioneer in Oral Care Quadruples Conversions with Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus Program and Amazon Attribution:…

– Justin Maddahi, Chief Marketing Office, Lumineux
– Gefen Laredo, VP of Advertising, VENDO
– Darren Saul, CEO, VENDO





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