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Maximizing In-Store Sales with Paid Search & Socials – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 119

Nicolas Martinez, SVP of Marketing, Greg Rudolph, Digital Advertising Manager, & Delaney Del Mundo, Lead Amazon Account Manager, at VENDO provide valuable insights on leveraging omnichannel approaches to seamlessly connect online and in-store experiences while maximizing attribution. Tune in as we cover effective techniques for amplifying conversions through technology, data integration + acquisition, personalized customer journeys & more!

Topics Covered:
– Why Are Digital Landing Pages Vital For In-store Brands? (1:46)
– How Are We Using Digital Landing Pages to Help Ads? (4:19)
– Improving Conversions (5:10)
– Allowing Better Attribution (5:38)
– Connecting the Digital and Brick & Mortar World(6:25)
– Different Methods to Attribute In-Store Sales (7:50)
– Aisle… Platform (8:14)
– Visor Platform (10:45)
– Differences Between Each Platform (14:05)
– Ibotta Platform (16:27)
– Cost Comparisons (18:09)
– Strategic Best Practices for Driving Traffic (21:05)

– Greg Rudolph, Digital Advertising Manager, VENDO
– Nicolas Martinez, Senior VP of Marketing, VENDO
– Delaney Del Mundo, Lead Amazon Account Manager, VENDO





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