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Speaking with Vanessa Hung, CEO of Online Seller Solutions! – VENDO Podcast EP. 87

Vanessa operates on the unsexy side of Amazon. She started transforming Amazon businesses in 2017 and has been a problem solver for many. Founder and CEO of Online Seller Solutions, Vanessa has helped many sellers free themselves from the pain that comes with managing and optimizing their Seller Central accounts.

Her passion is sharing knowledge about strategies and trends as well as offering helpful tips on how to start, scale, and transform eCommerce businesses with Amazon. This ultimately led her to public speaking and co-hosting a podcast called “Wizards of Ecom enEspañol.” Join VENDO CEO Darren Saul and VENDO Director of Amazon Account Strategists Vinny Alvarez in this week’s conversation, for an episode that is jam-packed with helpful insights and industry tips courtesy of our gracious guest Vanessa.

Learn more about Online Seller Solutions:

Topics Include:
– Vanessa’s Background (02:00) – Conversion Percentages (06:00) – Data Science (11:55) – Automated Spanish translation within Amazon (22:20) – The importance of optimizing your translations (30:14) – Final comments from Vanessa (39:35) – Where to learn more about Online Seller Solutions (41:22)

– Vanessa Hung, Founder & CEO, Online Seller Solutions
– Darren Saul, CEO, VENDO
– Vinny Alvarez, Director of Amazon Account Strategists, VENDO





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