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Success as an Account Manager: Proven Best Practices – VENDO Podcast Ep. 117

As an Account Manager, success depends on knowing the ins-and-outs of managing accounts successfully. Delaney Del Mundo and John Miano, from VENDO’s Amazon Account Strategist team, will show you the best proven practices for success! Join us as we cover topics such as maintaining strong client relationships, problem solving with internal teams, monitoring performance metrics, and so much more. At VENDO, we understand what our account managers bring to the table and how they can help make your accounts thrive.

Topics Covered:
– Amazon Updates: Account Verification Through the Informed Consumers Act (00:48)
– Amazon Updates: SIOC – “Ships in Own Container” (3:14)
– Maintaining Strong Client Relationships (5:19)
– Understanding Client Needs: Best Methods (6:08)
– Strategic Guidance – Ways to Provide Strategic Advice & Recommendations (8:20)
– Problem Solving – Collaborating with Internal Teams (12:43)
– Monitoring Performance Metrics on a Daily Basis (16:35)
– VENDO – What our Account Managers Bring to the Table (20:35)

– Delaney Del Mundo, Lead Amazon Account Manager, VENDO
– John Miano, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO





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