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Successfully Launching Your Brand with Walmart – VENDO Podcast Ep. 92

Launching a new brand in the eCommerce space can be a delicate dance 💃 , with many crucial considerations to be made. Comprehensive due diligence and knowing where to focus your energy will ensure you maximize your potential for a smooth entrance to your chosen channel(s).

Today on the podcast we break down the launch process with Walmart and some of the key factors that can often make or break a brand’s success 🔐 . This includes knowing where to sell your product, understanding channels and picking the right product assortment. Then we peel back the curtain on VENDO’s relationship with Walmart and highlight the importance of positive merchant vendor relationships 🔍 .

eCommerce is exploding with popularity and becoming increasingly competitive 🌱. At VENDO, our team is fully equipped to help bring brands to market by developing sound launch strategies that are carefully prepared to meet our client’s needs 🚀.

Topics Include:
– The importance of a brand and deciding if it’s suitable for Walmart – 00:42
– What is Walmart merchant looking for in a new brand? – 02:52
– What channel will your brand be most successful on? Knowing where to launch – 03:44
– How does a merchant decide which brand belongs on which channels? – 06:25
– Picking the right assortment, and how it can make or break your brand launch – 07:46
– Other key considerations for the merchant after they decide to bring in a new brand – 09:20
– The importance of a good merchant relationship – 10:05
– Additional important focuses during brand launch – 11:59
– The importance of launching with sponsored ads, search brand amplifiers, & reviews – 14:11
– Walmart’s Relationship with VENDO – 16:40

– Carmella Shillito, Walmart Strategic Account Manager, VENDO
– Emily Bowman, Walmart Strategic Account Manager, VENDO
– Breanna Cooper, Walmart Strategic Account Manager, VENDO
– Michelle Long, Walmart Media Buying Lead, VENDO





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