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Walmart Marketplace Potential for Walmart Stores – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 122

Join Justine Van Buren, GM of Walmart Marketplace Home, and Darren Saul, CEO of VENDO as they discuss the importance of Walmart Marketplace in a seller’s approach to doing business with Walmart stores. Tune in to learn how sellers can leverage their online assortment for offline growth, and how to utilize Walmart Marketplace’s Features for success!

Topics Covered:
– All About Justine (0:30)
– Current Landscape of Walmart Marketplace (2:25)
– How Should Sellers Leverage Their Online Assortment for Offline Growth? (3:40)
– Leveraging New Marketplace’s Features (6:40)
– Walmart Fulfillment Services (10:10)
– Upcoming Growth and Features (12:35)

– Justine Van Buren – General Manager, Walmart Marketplace Home
– Darren Saul – CEO, VENDO





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