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43% Revenue Boost from Amazon 7-Day Deal & Optimization Strategy


 INCREASE IN revenue






boost in CVR


226% boost

#6 Category

28% increase in Subscribe & Save subscriptions


When we onboarded one of our newest brand partners in the feminine wellness space, we saw immense opportunity to improve conversion rates, especially across the brand’s hero products. Our initial focus was on conversion optimization to increase both category and keyword ranking, and in effect, grow sales. The goal was to fully optimize the brand’s hero listing for conversion within the first 30 days of our partnership, revamp our Amazon advertising strategy to drive incremental traffic to the listing, and run a 7-Day Deal within the first 60 days of our partnership. We would then compare the results of this 7-Day Deal to the 7-Day Deal ran on the same item 60 days prior when the listing was not optimized for conversion nor advertising.  


First 30 Days of Partnership
  • VENDO leaned in on results from numerous A/B tests to optimize the main image of the listing for conversion.
  • VENDO conducted competitive research and keyword analysis to optimize the titles, bullets, and backend keywords of the listing, so we would rank higher with the A9 algorithm for these terms.
  • VENDO gained increased knowledge of our target customer through the data provided in Brand Analytics.
  • VENDO added A+ content to the listing, as Amazon has reported a 15% boost in conversion rates for brands using A+. A+ content modules were also A/B tested by our target customers.
  • VENDO placed Amazon FBA orders to establish sufficient inventory allocation in the Amazon warehouses to support the 7-Day Deal period and post-deal period. This would ensure there would be no disruption to the anticipated improvement in ranking.
30-60 Days of Partnership
  • VENDO submitted a 7-day deal which would run 2 months after the brand’s previous 7-day deal on the product.
  • During the 7-day deal period:
    • VENDO increased advertising spend for sponsored brands by 20% to solidify top of page placement on branded terms.
    • VENDO increased non-branded spend by 55% to achieve higher ranking on Page 1 for high value category search terms.


Compared to the 7-Day Deal that ran in February, the 7-Day Deal in April resulted in:
  • +43% increase in ordered revenue
  • +70% increase in glance views
  • +200 bps improvement in conversion rate
  • +226% improvement in on-Amazon advertising ROAS
Over the second 7-Day Deal Period:
  • The item gained placement on the first page of the Personal Care Deals page.
  • Category ranking accelerated from #11 to #6, driving revenue growth.
  • 60% of Amazon advertising sales were new to brand.
Immediately following the 7-day Deal Period:
  • Ranking has sustained in the top 6 in category, which has led to a higher sales baseline
  • +28% increase in Subscribe & Save subscriptions for the product
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