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Amazon Email Marketing Magic: Product Launch Rockets to Top 300 Best Seller Ranking (BSR)

 Preexisting Products:


click throughs+












Brand Referral Bonus



BSR Increase (short-term)



BSR Increase (long-term)



A supplements brand had an Amazon product launch they wanted to promote via off-Amazon email marketing to ~100,000 people to lean into the honeymoon period (the first ~30-90 days) and help boost ranking quickly.


  1. Utilized email list to push traffic to their new product 
  2. Created an Attribution link to track attribution and leverage Amazon Brand Referral Bonus, which earned them 10% back on every sale
  3. Sent email blast


Commonly, brands struggle with product launches as they need a lot of on-Amazon efforts (such as sponsored brand ads, etc.) to make it successful. By taking advantage of the honeymoon period where Amazon favors newly launched products to index within search terms for the products and leveraging a lead list, we saw a huge spike in not only sales but also ranking, which helped sustain the longevity of their product placement of Amazon.

In specific, the brand went from a BSR of ~19K to 263 in the short-term and sustained at 3200 in the long-term. See callouts above for additional metrics.

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