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Amazon Posts Strategy Generates $12.5k+ in Estimated Revenue

160k+ impressions

$12.5k+ in estimated revenue (+92% growth)


product clicks


new followers


A cookware brand began creating Amazon Posts content as a strategy to extend reach in order to spur sales velocity, drive impressions, increase their brand store following, and generate awareness to other products in the catalog among targeted consumers. Amazon Posts Beta is a social media-like browsing feature on Amazon that allows users to explore by category or view a specific brand’s posts. Posts link to detail pages, making each post in a feed shoppable. 

As the program is still in beta, direct sales attribution is not yet available and must be estimated on impressions, engagement, and CTR. While there is also little information to date on how the algorithm works, Amazon reviews and approves posts based on the Posts Content Guidelines and Acceptance Policies, and will suppress content that does not meet its quality bar.  


  • Created a content calendar leveraging assets from the brand’s social media and website, following content guidelines set by the Posts Content Guidelines and Acceptance Policies to avoid limited impressions.
  • Linked relevant ASINs on posts to drive shoppers to product pages, isolating by only one ASIN per post to evaluate how well it converted.
  • Analyzed and assessed Posts data to measure posts with high impressions, engagement, and clicks to continuously optimize content.


  • One post received 14.8k impressions in the first 30 days, and Amazon rewarded the engagement by continuing to boost the post so that it received a total of 160k+ impressions in the following 60 days.
  • The post successfully drove awareness to other products in the catalog beyond the one featured ASIN, generating 1.4k+ cross-catalog products clicks over 90 days.
  • To date, the post has generated $12.5k+ in estimated revenue for the featured ASIN, with 76% of units sold in the period attributed to Posts, compared to $6.5k in the previous period, for total growth of 92%.
  • The brand received 50+ new followers to their brand store, maximizing the ability to target interested customers.
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