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Amazon Refunds Reduced By 23% with Customer Experience Flow & Live Chat








A brand in the skincare category was having high returns/refunds on their hero item, a cleaning device. Many customers that had troubleshooting issues automatically were refunded or placed a return. To lower the return/refund rate, we develop an improved customer experience flow leveraging a 3rd-party program.

This program enables us to host live chat, customer service and remarketing abilities with an off-Amazon customer support landing page, via a ‘Get Product Support’ button on the customer’s order.


  • Coordinated with Amazon and the 3rd-party program to add the ‘Get Product Support’ button on customer orders for their device, which leads to a page with the brand’s customer service phone number and link to the customer support landing page.
  • Set up the landing page with live chat, FAQs, how-to videos, and product manuals.
  • Collaborated with the brand on customer support tactics, such as common troubleshooting issues, sending replacements, providing discount for another purchase, etc.
  • VENDO customer service team fully managed all live chat and email tickets, Monday through Friday 9-5.
  • VENDO provided reports on customer issues resolved, refund/return rate reduction, and estimated cost savings.


In less than 3 months:  
  • Returns/refunds on their device were reduced by 23%.
  • Saved ~$19K on refunds during the initial time range.
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