Amazon Relaunch leads to 100% Sales Growth in 1 Month
Case Study


Sales Growth


Huge Black
Friday/Cyber Monday

Sales were greater than
the previous monthly average


A health & personal care brand had been on Amazon for years, but sales had plateaued after reaching an average of $100K/month. Vendo was challenged with relaunching the brand on Amazon and growing sales. 


1. Channel AuditAudit the entire Amazon Channel and find areas of opportunity for enhancement; for example:

a. Title
b. Features
c. Product Description
d. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
e. Image & Video Gallery

  1. Product Images
  2. Lifestyle Images
  3. Infographics
  4. Promotional Graphics
  5. Video

f. Back-End SEO

  1. Subject Matter
  2. Search Terms
  3. Other Details

g. Brand Store
h. Marketing; I.e.

  1. Coupons
  2. Cross-Promotions

i. Advertising

  1. Auto
  2. Manual:
    • Branded
    • Non-Branded
    • Brand Store Headline Ads (aka “Sponsored Brand”)
    • Product Targeting
2. Market Research + Competitive AnalysisLeverage internal proprietary processes plus 3rd-party software to conduct comprehensive market research and competitive analysis in order to create best-in-class optimized content that carefully balances the A9 algorithm + consumer conversion (target market) + brand image.
3. ImplementationCreated a 30-day timeline to execute on the implementaiton of these deliverables.


Sale Grew 100%

In just 1 month, sales grew from $105K to $211K

HUGE Black Friday/Cyber Monday

In the 4 days of Black Friday through Cyber Monday, sales were $101K -- the same as the entire monthly average in the trailing 2 months