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Amazon Returns & Negative Reviews Reduced by 40% & 20% with Branded Live Chat


Negative Reviews






Luminess, a brand in the beauty/cosmetics category was having high returns/refunds due to the nature of their hero item being an electric product/system. With the nature of Amazon’s customer service system in place, Luminess struggled to assist customers with troubleshooting issues that automatically turned into either a refund or return. To lower returns and refunds, we partnered with a 3rd-party program called Onsite Support, which is part of Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support program. More specifically, this program enables us to add in a product support button on the customer’s Amazon order page that drives to an off-Amazon landing page where we host a live chat and ticket system to assist with any issues. Furthermore, we can use this landing page to deliver additional values, such as FAQs, product information, and even marketing offers, all while capturing customer contact info such as email addresses, which can be used for further customer support.


  1. In coordination with 
      • Setup Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support program (to get the “Get Product Support” button enabled on the back end of customer orders, which then flows to a page where the customer can see the brand’s customer service phone # and link to their customer service and live chat landing page. See images below. 
      • Setup landing page with live chat software and any additional components such as FAQs, marketing promotions, videos, etc. See images below. 
  2. Collaborate with Luminess on best practices to support customers; including, but not limited to FAQs, common issues & resolutions (I.e., sending replacements, offering alternative variations, providing a partial or full refunds, giving a discount code for their next purchase, etc). 
  3. VENDO’s customer service team manages the live chat and email tickets on a certain schedule, such as Monday through Friday 9-5.  
  4. VENDO reports on the # of unhappy customers made happy and ultimately # of refunds/returns, negative reviews, and negative seller feedback prevented. 


In the first 4-months, returns/refunds went from 10% to 6% of all orders, effectively marking a 40% decrease. Furthermore, negative reviews declined by 20%. 
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