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A health & wellness brand wanted to increase sales for its dietary supplements and be placed on page one of Amazon’s search results for keywords that aligned with their brand. The reason behind wanting a high placing was to increase organic traffic and sales. In addition, this tactic would advance their positioning when compared to their competitors in the overall market. 


• We conducted research using various analytical tools and developed the understanding that certain keywords correlated more efficiently to the brand and specific product.

• As a result, we learned that in order to achieve this high-level ranking, we would need to advertise to the proper target group on a platform that was most popular and accessible to them.

• We then calculated the maximum number of rebates we would need to distribute daily for the course of one month to move up in ranking.

• Using a third-party platform commonly used by Amazon customers, we were able to distribute rebates that resulted in organic sales for the brand.

• In order to efficiently maximize interactions, we used specified age ranges, interests, and characteristics that would most align with the targeted audience.

• In addition, we ensured that the product page and channel of communication was designed for a memorable experience.


After implementing the tactics described, the brand’s products fluctuated between a couple of rankings on page one of Amazon for their specific keywords. We have run 14 campaigns and experienced an 8.39% to 45% conversion for each. For one specific product, we ranked #130 at the beginning of the campaign for the selected keyword, and by the end, shot up in ranking to #5. Organic sales dramatically increased—and even persisted for months after—with the generation of attention for the brand’s other products. Today, as we continue to closely monitor the brand and their products, they have consistently remained placed on page one for their keywords and other commonly used secondary terms.

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