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REEL SEES 433% Sales Growth via Amazon Lightning Deal Strategy

Top of Page 1 Ranking

2-3x Lightning Deal Sales Lift

433% Overall Sales Lift


  • Our brand partner, Reel, was struggling to get to the top of Page 1 for their hero keyword and could not break into page 1 for the larger category keyword.
  • Spending more on advertising alone did not lead to increased ranking, so VENDO shifted to a combination of Lightning Deals and increased ad spend to try and lift product ranks.


  • VENDO ran a Lightning Deal every week for 6 weeks straight.
  • At first, Lighting Deals did not perform well due to low discount %, but VENDO found 40% discount to perform significantly better than a discount under 30%.
  • The goal was to place ads at top of page 1 for both niche terms, as well as broaden category terms to gain as many sessions as possible.


  • After 4 Lighting Deals, the brand was ranking at the top of page 1 for niche terms, and middle of page 1 for broad category terms, jumping from #50 in category to range of #24 – #33.
  • Sales experienced a 2-3x lift during each Lighting Deal, and due to the increase in ranking, there was also a large increase in sales in the days to follow the Lightning Deal as well.
  • During the 6-8 week time frame, the brand scaled revenue on this ASIN from $1.5K daily sales to over $8K daily sales.
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