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Market Share Captured via Page 1 Ranking Strategy

Rapid Sales Growth within 1 Month

Top of Page 1 Ranking

Stabilized Long Term Growth


A wine accessories ecommerce retailer wanted to place their product on page 1 of Amazon for a high converting keyword in the category. A lift in organic sales would need to be generated at a consistent rate to achieve the goal. Not only would the lift in organic sales increase revenue, but the new page placement would also allow the brand to take sales from their competitors, thus effectively earning them more market share. 


  • Data analysis was conducted to discover the minimum number of daily sales needed in order to achieve page 1 ranking by the 30-day goal.
  • Through the use of third-party systems, a full dollar rebate promotion was offered and distributed to consumers.
  • Terms and conditions for consumer eligibility for the rebate were shared (this is a proprietary internal process).
  • The targeted audience for the rebate program was established according to age, interests, and other common characteristics of a typical shopper of the brand.
  • Communication platforms ensured transaction details and any consumer data gathered during the marketing program would be saved for future reference and remarketing purposes.


Upon implementation of the marketing tactics previously described, the company was able to quickly rank on page 1 of Amazon. At the beginning of the campaign, the specific product ranked number 56 and made it to to the top of page 1 within the course of 1 month. The creation of organic sales dramatically increased and generated consistent daily revenue. Furthermore, the growth persisted in the months to follow. Presently, the company’s product remains on page 1of Amazon for the chosen targeted keyword.
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