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Sampling Program + Review Removal Boosts Sales 20%











A brand in the skincare category had 2 of their products where the ratings and number of reviews were not in an optimal place, therefore limiting sales/conversion of the products. To optimize the ratings, VENDO launched and managed a 2-part plan:  
  1. Product Sampling Program: to reach consumers for valuable feedback, generate optional authentic and honest ratings + reviews, and increase new-to-brand customer acquisition 
  2. Review Removal Strategy: to identify and remove reviews which are not compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service 


Product Trial Program:

  1. VENDO outlines a plan of action based on the current ratings and reviews 
  2. Every campaign starts from scratch; no groups are used. We work with a team of experts to undergo extensive research aimed at ensuring a perfect fit between the brand and the customer. 
  3. 100% honest feedback is generated, without any requirements to review, making this compliant with Amazon TOS.

Review Removal:

  1. We scrape and identify reviews which are non-compliant with Amazon TOS 
  2. We then submit these reviews to Amazon’s team for removal, citing the TOS guideline they violate.


Using the Product Trial and Review Removal strategies together, we increased ratings and review velocity while boosting sales and best seller rankings.

We generated reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars, in addition to getting 10% of the brand’s negative reviews removed. Best Seller Rankings (BSR) were also improved by an average of 45%, and the monthly sales average increased by 20% over a 3-month period.

Product Breakdown:

Product 1 

  • Started with 4.0 rating, increased to 4.1 after 1 month, and increased to 4.2 after 3 months 
  • BSR increased by 27% in 1 month 

Product 2

  • Started with 3.7 rating, increased to 3.8 after 1 month, and increased to 4.0 after 3 months
  • BSR increased by 55% in 1 month 
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