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Summer Prime Day ‘23: SALES +285% (IMMEDIATE) & +10% (BASELINE)


Immediate Sales vs. Average



Immediate Sales vs. Prime Day ‘22



Baseline Sales 


Short-Term (Immediate): 

  • Main Event vs. Average
    Sales: +559%* 
    Units: +285% 
  • Main Event vs. Prime Day 2022 
    Sales: +1492%* 
    Units: +204% 

Long-Term (Baseline)

  • Prior to Event (June ‘23) vs. After Event (August ‘23
    Sales: +10% 




This is the perception that comes to mind for consumers when they contemplate Prime Day, with approximately 30% of the U.S. population engaging in purchases. Significant price reductions are anticipated, so to maintain competitiveness, it is essential to align with consumer expectations to the greatest extent possible.

    • Recommended Duration: 2 days 
    • Recommended Discount: 25-40% (the average across
      VENDO brands was 35%)

The goal for this stage is to boost website traffic and sales, effectively priming the algorithm just before the Main Event. In addition, as Amazon initiates promotional efforts in the weeks leading up to the event, we can expect heightened traffic, increased purchasing intent, and greater competitiveness. Thus, we want to leverage this.

Recommended Duration: 7-14 days
Recommended Discount: 10-20%


The purpose of this stage is to further increase traffic and sales while a lot of the competitors start to see a falloff. This will thereby enhance the probability that the successes observed during the pre-event and main event phases will be firmly incorporated into the algorithm. In essence, this approach aims to maximize the probability of achieving a higher baseline for both sales and organic search ranking.

Recommended Duration: up to 7 days

Recommended Discount: 10-20%

Amazon Advertising

  • % of Total Sales: 35.41% vs 43.19% the week before 
    • % of Total Sales from Advertising decreased by 18%, expected to have more organic sales due to the event. 
  • TACOS: 10.12% vs 14.61% the week before 
    • TACOS went down by 30% 
  • ACOS: 28.57% vs 33.82% the week before 
    • ACOS went down by 15% 
  • CVR: 32.3% vs 19.40% the week before 
    • CVR Increased by 66% 
  • Budget Recommendations: when evaluating the immediate demand accurately, if you observe that the Top of Search Impression Share stays consistent, and the metrics like impressions, clicks, and CPC (Cost Per Click) also remain stable, there is no urgent requirement to significantly raise bid amounts during the pre-event phase. It’s advisable to reserve those funds for the actual event and post-event instead.  

Page 1 Ranking Campaigns

  Context: By reaching the top row of organic search results for strategic keywords and categories, we were able to significantly increase visibility – and thus traffic and sales – during the peak shopping days for Summer Prime. In addition, reaching the top of page for non-branded keywords significantly accelerates new customer acquisition while shoppers search for new products on Amazon and helps to maintain organic sales velocity.  *Results: Obtained Top rankings in the following sub-categories: 
  • Seasoning #1 
  • Wine bottle opener #1   
  • Beard conditioner for men #1   
  • Men’s shampoo #3 

External Traffic

We’re fully immersed in the digital marketing landscape, and our efforts go beyond just Amazon. We run various external marketing campaigns to increase awareness, attract more visitors, and boost sales. To measure the success of these campaigns, we’ve employed Amazon Attribution links to monitor clicks, product views, cart additions, sales, and revenue. Additionally, by leveraging Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus, typically set at 10%, we can effectively reduce your referral fee to 5%. Furthermore, we’ve utilized other methods to help you target specific keywords and improve your organic search rankings.

  • Paid Search & Social 
  • Organic Media 
  • Influencer + Affiliate Marketing 
  • Email + SMS: for our brands the leveraged this, 14% of total sales came from email
  • PR 

Category Trends

The top items on Prime Day 2023 were the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Temptations Classic Cat Food, and the Echo Dot 5. The top categories were Health & Beauty (purchased by 42% of Prime Day shoppers), Home & Garden (41%) and Electronics (32%). 53% of Prime Day shoppers say they purchased items they’d been holding off on buying until they were on sale. More than half of Prime Day items (57%) sold for under $20, while 5% were over $100— the average spend per item was $31.21. 66% of Prime Day 2023 shoppers say they were extremely or very satisfied with the deals offered this year. While the deals were satisfactory, over half of shoppers (54%) say they still compared Amazon’s prices with other retailers before making their Prime Day purchases— 36% compared to Walmart & 25% to Target. When it comes to other major summer sales, 34% of Prime Day shoppers said they had or might shop Target Circle Week, 33% Walmart+ Week, and another 37% said they wouldn’t shop any other sales. The average order size on Prime Day 2023 was $58.67, down from $60.73 on Prime Day 2022. Nearly three-fourths (73%) of households shopping Prime Day placed 2+ separate orders, bringing the average household spend to roughly $181.72. 

VENDO’s Overview

  • The first day of Prime Day, July 11, was the single largest sales day in company history. Day 1 was 12% stronger in rev than Day 2 for VENDO brands as intent to purchase and overall traffic outweighed Day 1 results.  
  • VENDO saw roughly 55% growth in topline revenue YoY.  
  • Beauty & Personal Care was most consistent on a day over day basis, dropping only 3% in sales on Day 2.  
  • However, Grocery & Gourmet Food, Home & Kitchen, and Pet Supplies saw much stronger intent to purchase on Day 1, seeing over a 30-35% fall off on Day 2. 
  • Our brands with the strongest revenue jumps compared to their typical baseline directed external traffic to Amazon from social channels, including TikTok. They also had influencers drive traffic back to Amazon. 
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