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Tripled Market Share for Vendor Central Category Leader


Best Seller Ranking
in Category


6 Items in Category

Top 10



YoY Growth in
Purchase Orders



market share from
7% to 23% YoY



  • A brand in the home decor category was ranked at the top of multiple sub-categories with $0 in ad spend and was hesitant to spend on advertising or promotional campaigns as they already dominated the category.  
  • However, VENDO saw significant room for growth as market share was still below 10% within top subcategories, content was not optimized for conversion, and organic rankings were in the second half of page 1 for multiple product lines. Sponsored placements were also being occupied by competitive brands since the brand did not spend on ads.  


  • VENDO evaluated trends in customer reviews to answer customer feedback within the content of the brand’s PDPs to improve conversion. 
  • VENDO re-optimized the entire catalog, adding a brand store, brand story, A+ content, infographics, etc.  
  • VENDO tracked inventory weekly, promoted items with healthy stock levels, and diverted spend away from low stock ASINs to improve profitability. 
  • VENDO created and optimized advertising campaigns with 85% of total spend going to non-branded keywords, with an emphasis on ranking and competitive targeting. 
  • VENDO analyzed demand trends for high value keywords weekly, and pivoted spend to high value and longtail keywords growing in demand with potential to improve ranking on page 1.  


Overall, VENDO tripled market share and improved sales by 60% for a category leader in the home decor space by focusing on driving traffic and conversion through a blended organic and paid approach.

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