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Ads via vendo/pacvue partnership leads to 888% increase in sales


Sales Growth in 5 Weeks


Lift in total Ad Sales


Brand in paid Share-Of-Voice


A brand within the toy category on began running ads with VENDO via the Pacvue advertising platform. Vendo has a partnership with Pacvue that allows us to gain more granular insights into our advertising campaigns than what is offered on Walmart’s self-service platform. We launched a new ad campaign layout on 8/17 (Walmart Week 29). This case study is looking at Walmart Weeks 29-33. Due to COVID-19, the brand experienced inventory issues periodically throughout the campaigns, but we were still able to see positive growth year-over-year.


  • The brand allowed VENDO to control their advertising campaigns via VENDO’s partnership with Pacvue
  • Targeted branded and nonbranded keywords, from a high-category level to an item-specific level
  • Created campaigns for each product type based on keyword research
  • Partnered with the brand to ensure the items being advertised were in-stock
  • Targeted specific keywords to increase the brand’s overall share of shelf on
  • Created campaigns for each product type based on keyword research
  • Optimized content of each of the items being advertised before advertising began


  • Resulted in an over 888% increase in sales across the 5 weeks examined, based on the 10 items advertised of the full assortment
  • Became the top brand in Paid SOV ( the ratio of each brand’s SP + BA ad spaces to all available total ad spaces )
  • Running advertisements contributed to a 60% lift in total sales with only 5% spend
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