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5 Rules of Success with Juliet Blake, Senior VP of Marketing at ZICO

Juliet is the Founder & CEO of The Branding Yard and the Senior Vice President of Marketing at ZICO, the popular coconut water company. Juliet’s path to becoming such a successful serial entrepreneur is one of the best out there!

Juliet has built her career with a focus in the food and beverage industry working with multiple successful brands from the ground up including ZICO Rising, BodyArmor, and Mamma Chia among others. She found her calling in the natural food & beverage space growing brands when she was hired by ZICO Coconut Water in 2008 as the 2nd California employee. From there, Juliet helped a multitude of emerging CPG brands as the head of marketing before deciding to launch The Branding Yard, her own marketing and consulting business for startup CPG brands in January 2020.

Juliet Blake
Senior VP of Marketing at ZICO

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